Our Story

Our StoryAnything Cloth was born in 2020, in amongst all of the pandemic wildness. But, let's rewind a little, shall we?
Back in 2017, I launched my small business, LollyBibs&Co. This was inspired by needing more absorbent dribble bibs for my daughter Lilly, who was around 6 months at the time. After experimenting with different fabrics for their absorbency levels, I confidently opened LollyBibs&Co.

Before my eldest daughter, who was 2 at the time, had surgery for DDH in September 2017, I decided it was best to close for the duration of her recovery. I attempted reopening LollyBibs&Co a couple of times afterwards, but as my little ones weren't so little anymore - I had fallen out of love with just making bibs! Let's fast-forward to 2019. We were more settled into our home after moving from our childhood town and both girls were in nursery, so we had great daily routines. But something was missing - my passion for sewing was still lingering, but I didn't know what to do. I loved LollyBibs&Co, but it just wasn't heading in the direction I wanted - I even had regular dreams at night about reopening my shop!In 2020, around the time when the UK was put into lockdown, I started having dreams about LollyBibs&Co again.

So this is where Anything Cloth was born!
I wanted the name to be a lot less restrictive to only sewing bibs/baby products - because although I still enjoy sewing them, I want to broaden my sewing knowledge and generally have a wider audience! With Anything Cloth, I aim to be as eco-friendly with my products as possible, including the packaging. Be it supplying people with unique eco-friendly reusable homeware products, or helping you give a gift with an item I've created using my fabric offcuts - I aim to cater for all with as little waste as possible!As a family, we are still on our own journey to zero-waste and we are learning so much along the way. Thank you for visiting my shop and for sharing your eco-friendly journey with us!

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