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What's Anything Cloth all about?
Anything Cloth supply a wide range of handmade, reusable cloth products. All product descriptions will provide you with all of the information you need regarding each specific item - but typically most products are made using 100% cotton fabric, towelling and/or fleece fabric - all sourced and supplied to Anything Cloth within the UK. We may sometimes use other ways of sourcing our fabric, including but not limited to, upcycling unwanted items, for example duvet covers that would otherwise be discarded. Should this be the case, everything will be carefully checked and washed accordingly to ensure it is of a high enough quality and standard to be used to produce a new and usable product with a long life. 

What fabric do you use and is it eco-friendly?
Most of my products are handmade using 100% cotton fabric and towelling fabric. Some are also made up using fleece and hessian fabrics. Where I try my best to keep all of my products as eco-friendly as possible, very few aren't 100% recyclable but as they are fully reusable - I find this still causes less harm to the environment. Here's a full list of fabrics I choose to use and if they are biodegradable:
100% Cotton: Yes
Towelling: Yes
Fleece: No
Minkee Fleece: No
Hessian: Yes
Kapok Fibres: Yes
Scrap Innards: Mostly.
When I use scraps of fabric as stuffing for products, I will always aim to use as much of the biodegradable scrap as possible. Any none-biodegradable scraps will be for my own personal use as to know that they are being disposed of correctly when being disposed. 

Do you have a physical shop?
Unfortunately, I don’t have a physical shop right now, although it’s the long-term goal!

Where are you based?
I work from my home office and I am based in Redditch, Worcestershire.

Where do you get your supplies?
I proudly source all of my supplies within the UK. I mainly purchase from other small family-run businesses to support the #shopsmall community.

Do you do wholesale orders?
I am happy to accept wholesale orders, please use the contact page to discuss things further!