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9.5" Cloth Liner
9.5" Cloth Liner
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9.5" Cloth Liner

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9.5" reusable cloth liner with wings.
100% Cotton topper, a flannel inner core and a fleece backing. 

This pad has no hidden PUL, so is ideal to be used as a liner or on a very light flow day.

Length: 9.5"
Snapped width: 3"
Absorbency: Liner

Pattern placement may vary.

To further increase absorbency, we recommend our Cloth Sanitary Pads to be washed before first use.


Why switch to Cloth Sanitary Pads (CSP)?
Cloth sanitary products are of course washable, therefore reusable month in, month out! Not only saving you £££'s, but also saving the environment from more disposable and none recyclable waste.
CSP's tend to be more absorbent than your typical disposable pad and therefore would usually be more efficient and less likely to leak.

Personally, I found when making the switch to CSP's, I suffered less with cramping, they were more comfortable (& quieter!) and generally found my periods became lighter. This isn't to say your experience will be identical, but if you're unsure about making the change, it does help to research other peoples experiences too.

Washing: To wash, pop them in your machine with your usual detergent (we recommend using non-bio washing powder) on a 40 degree wash.

For heavily soiled items, prior to washing - rinse using cold water and soak in your favourite stain remover for at least 2 hours - then wash as normal.

Do not tumble dry.

Iron on low.